October 19, 2011

Green paratha - the spinach paratha

I simply like the color of palak paratha. Looks lovely, isn't it? Nutritious and delicious in one go :) Our last night dinner was this spinach paratha with tomato curry, very tasty combination indeed!!

Preparation is very simple. I pureed fresh spinach leaves in blender, and used it to make dough. That is it..! Earlier I used to chop the leaves and mix it in wheat flour to make dough. But that makes rolling parathas a little difficult and time taking. When I saw the catchy green colored dough in a friend's house, I realized the better way of doing it.

Fresh Spinach leaves - 300g
Wheat flour
Salt - half a teaspoon

1. Blend the spinach leaves.
2. Add salt to wheat flour.
3. Mix the spinach puree in wheat flour to make smooth dough. I did not add any water. In case the leaves are not very fresh or the puree comes out thick, we might add water as well.

4. Roll into circles and fry on hot pan.

Enjoy them hot with any pickle or a spicy ketchup. I should say simple tomato curry will be nice though. You can find the tomato curry recipe here :-)