May 5, 2012

Easy Chocolate Cake

After vanilla cake, next in line is the chocolate cake :) Turned out to be everyone's favorite at home and also in my circle of mommy friends and their kids. They started asking me for the recipe after tasting it and when their kids liked it too, that's a moment of pride and satisfaction :P

This one I made on the Easter weekend.

The below one I baked just because the little boy got so much interested to bake a cake all of a sudden. Little did I know that my interest in baking will catch up with the kid in the house too!!
It actually got a little over-baked and the crust became crispy, but tasted as yummy as it should be..

Recipe Source: Adapted from again.

I left the frosting part of it and took just the cake recipe. I made a few modifications as per my taste and convenience.
I wish to come back here some time to put my tweaked recipe, that I usually follow.